18 luxury apartments by the sea in Croatia

Luxury second home

Your Second Home

Head to Trogir, Croatia and discover how beautiful it is there. Untouched and partly undiscovered. Unjustly, because what a place. From your own luxury base, it is only a matter of enjoying everything that makes a ‘home away from home’ so beautiful. The beach in front of the door, swimming pool, private jetty, beach clubs, pasta, shellfish and fish. And that in less than a two hour flight. Which apartment will be your second home?

For more information about Trogir and the surrounding area, visit:

www.visittrogir.hr & www.htz.hr


Dream of Trogir

The Dalmatian town of Trogir is hidden behind medieval walls and is packed with Renaissance buildings. A maze of streets and squares make it pleasant to get lost. To end up on a quiet beach or on the atmospheric boulevard Riva, with all its nice restaurants and cafes. Here it is seeing and being seen. Whichever terrace you sit on, you have a beautiful view of the marina. This is life!

For more information visit www.visittrogir.hr www.htz.hr


Small-scale complex, great enjoyment

Eighteen luxury apartments located in less than ten minutes from Split Airport. And within walking distance of the old town of Trogir, listed on the Unesco World Heritage List. Each of the spacious and modern apartments is completely newly built. A small-scale complex where it is very pleasant for you and your fellow hedonists. Truly an oasis of tranquility. Choose the apartment where you immediately will feel at home.


Swimming pool

Own storage + parking

Beach view

Private jetty